Personal data.



Arifrey processes personal data in accordance with applicable law, including EU Data Protection Regulation European Union regulation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU)



Detailed information on the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be found on their official website.



The person responsible for personal data.



Arifrey AB, org. nr, with address Husargatan 10, 723 41 Västerås, Sweden is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

Arifrey AB公司,营业执照编号为               ,地址为Husargatan 10, 723 41 Västerås, Sweden,负责处理您的个人信息。


What is a personal data and what does the processing of personal data mean?



Personal data is any information that directly or indirectly can be linked to a natural person who is in life, for example, name, social security number, nationality, education, employment, and contact information. Images and audio recordings may be personal data, even if no names are mentioned. Also, encrypted data and electronic identities, such as IP addresses, are personal data if they can be linked to natural persons.



By processing, we mean everything that happens with the personal data. For example, collection, registration, storage, processing and dissemination.



What personal information do we collect about you as a customer?



We collect personal information when you shop in our online store, sign up for newsletters, invitations and offers, request support, contact us through the contact form and use our website. Such personal information includes the name, email address, telephone number, delivery address, payment details, IP address, website usage and other information that you voluntarily provide to us.



For what purpose do we collect personal data?



We only collect the necessary information and save it for as long as it is necessary for the purpose. First of all, we use your data to process and send the order that you have placed on We also use your information with our customer service and to improve the customer experience. We also use your information in connection with marketing and if you subscribe to our newsletter and have agreed to this. In addition, your information may be used in case of suspected fraud and investigation.



Legal basis for the collection of personal data.


Your personal information is collected, among other things, in order to be able to fulfill contracts with you as a customer, for example, to conduct goods purchases. If the personal data is not provided, our commitments cannot be fulfilled and we are therefore forced to deny you the purchase.



How long do we save your personal data.



We never store your personal data for longer than is necessary for each purpose.



Your personal data will be stored for three (3) years or until you as a customer have chosen to actively delete your information. After that, only information necessary from the Accounting Act will be saved.



How is your personal data protected?



We are the only ones who own the information collected on this site. Your personally identifiable information will not be sold or exchanged to any other company without your consent. However, your information may be shared with our subcontractors, so-called personal data assistants. Arifrey takes the technical and organisational security measures required by law to ensure that your personal data is not tampered with, Lost, Destroyed, or that unauthorized persons access them. Our security practices are constantly changing in line with technological developments.



Who has access to your personal data?



Your personal information will be disclosed to third parties if this is required to provide services to you, such as to suppliers within:


-Transport – in order to safely deliver your ordered products.

-运输方 – 以便将您所订购的产品安全送达;

– Payment solutions – for those who wish to pay via instalment, we forward your Social Security number to payment and credit companies who need this i-credit reporting purposes and the establishment of associated credit agreements.

-支付处理机构 – 适用于希望采用分期付款支付款项的人士。本公司会将您的社保编号,提供给需要将此编号用于信贷报表,以及签署相关信贷协议的付款与信贷公司;

– Authorities – to fulfill our legal obligations, such as The Post Office, Tax Office or other authorities.

-官方机构 – 以便履行本公司法律义务,比如邮政局、税务局或其他官方机构;

– IT services – to provide services necessary for our operation, technical support and maintenance.

-信息技术服务提供方 – 以便为本公司运营、技术支持与维护提供必要服务;

– Marketing-for the analysis of your personal data as well as for the distribution of offers.

-营销方 – 以便分析您的个人信息,并让您获知优惠活动。

We may also disclose your personal information to third parties for updating and posting information from the registry or other public records to simplify our ordering procedure when placing an order in our webshop.



You have the right to request:


Access to your personal data.



You have the right, at any time, free of charge once a year, to obtain information about the personal data we have registered about you and the purposes of the processing of this personal data. In order for us to find your personal data in all our databases, we need names, Social Security numbers, address and phone numbers.



Rectification of your personal data. 



We will, at your request, rectify as quickly as possible the inaccurate or incomplete information we process about you.



Deletion of your personal data.



You also have the right as a customer to request to be removed, and thus deleted from our system. However, necessary personal data such as name and address will remain in our business system to meet the requirements of accounting law. However, data such as telephone number, email address, IP address and any Social Security number are deleted.

您还有权以消费者身份,要求删除个人信息,并由此从本公司系统中删除个人信息。但,必要的个人信息,如姓名与住址,会为了满足会计法要求,而保留在本公司业务系统中。不过, 诸如电话号码、电子邮件地址、IP地址及任何社保编号等的数据,会被删除。


What are Cookies?



A cookie is a small text file of information stored on your computer when you visit a website (note. computer also means tablet and smartphone unless otherwise stated). Cookies are used to make web pages work more efficiently but also to provide certain information to the owner of a website. It can for instance be the language selection or which items you last placed in the shopping cart are saved to make it easier for the website visitor during the next visit. Cookies make it possible to keep different users apart from each other, which in itself can give each user a more positive experience of the site. A cookie is not a program, and it does not contain viruses.



What do we use cookies for?



To improve your user experience on the website.


To offer content and offers relevant to you.


To recognize you from visit to visit.


To implement your order.


For Statistics and to measure traffic on our website.



Permanent cookies. 



Permanent cookies are stored as a file on the computer for a certain period of time, until you on the website, or the server that sent them, delete them. these are used to measure, for example, how you as a visitor move on the website.



Session cookies.



This type of cookie is temporarily stored while you are inside browsing a website, and disappears when you close your browser. For example, they are used to remember which language you have chosen so that you do not have to change your language every time you click on a new subpage.



Third-party Cookies.



This type of cookie comes from a third party. At Arifrey, these are primarily used for analysis of our visitors ‘ browsing on our website. An example of a third-party cookie is the one that belongs to Google Analytics. This cookie helps us see how you as a visitor come to our shop and what categories you look at.



By setting your computer to allow cookies, you consent to our and Google’s use of cookies on our site and in our online store. Our Web page and its features require these to work as intended. Without these cookies, you cannot trade through our e-commerce. These cookies help improve web pages ‘ ease of Use and performance as well as enable different functions. If you do not agree to use cookies in this way, you should change your browser’s settings to not accept cookies. You can also choose to delete cookies placed on your computer at any time. Learn more about this in your browser’s help section that concerns the management of cookies.



Contact information for questions about Cookies and personal data management?



If you have any questions about how we handle your personal data, Cookies use or if you wish to invoke any of your rights under applicable privacy laws, please feel free to contact us.



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