When the initiator and founder Linus Koskinen, who for a long time has been interested in watches, several times heard about how his father Ari, at 16 years old, traded in Estonia, Linus decided to start the company ARIFREY and start trading with watches.



In 1973, when Ari was 16 years old, his father brought him to Estonia for trading goods. At the time, the people of Estonia were not allowed to leave the country to buy goods, nor import them. Items such as jeans, platform shoes, fashion brand clothing, suits etc.

In the 70’s, no boats went directly from Stockholm to Estonia, but you could take the boat from Stockholm to Helsinki and then from Helsinki to Estonia. The boat from Helsinki to Estonia was small, the trip could take a very long time during the cold winters. The boat would always get stuck in the ice and had to reverse and take off several times over to come loose. The trip went smoother during the summers.

When the boat arrived in Estonia, the people were already there waiting to trade.

It was here the interest in watches started for Ari and his father. The Estonian wanted to exchange pocket watches and wrist watches amongst other things, for clothes etc. that Ari and his father had brought with them. The trips became quite numerous and Ari collected many watches over the years. To this day, after all these years, the first watch that Ari traded for himself, is still in his keep. Frey is the brand, hence the name ARIFREY.

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